BrainTrust in home tutoring


As you can see from our tutors' comments below, BrainTrust staff makes every possible effort to ensure tutors are matched up with students who may most benefit from the tutor's particular areas of expertise.  Our oft-expressed goal, every day, is to make every tutor/student relationship convenient, rewarding and interesting.  We meet with our clients first, get as much relevant information as we can, and only then will we assign a tutor who we feel can most likely help the student achieve his or her educational goals.

"I have been tutoring with BT for over two years.  The flexible hours allow me to effortlessly balance tutoring sessions with my work schedule.  I really enjoy being able to teach a wide range of subjects that interest me including Biology, English, and Geometry.  The one-on-one environment permits me to tailor each session to each student's pace and learning style.  Over the course of several sessions, we are able to celebrate test scores that often increase considerably.  In fact, as an SAT prep tutor, I witnessed some students' scores improve by hundreds of points.  My experience with BT has truly been a rewarding one."

Cornell University, B.S., Biology

"As a BrainTrust tutor, it is rewarding to help a student prepare for a quiz one week and then to hear of their good score at the next session.  I tutor kids both in the home one-on-one and in small groups at school, all in a range of subjects.  Some days the kids simply need an extra push to finish their homework due the next day, so a fun reward system of stickers or a game at the end of the session helps to motivate.  I think students can really benefit from a tutoring environment like this where they can ask questions and problem solve alongside another person."

University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill, B.A., Fine Art/Photography

"In my time in graduate school teaching undergraduate physics, I had students who came into the class with a wide range of interest and motivation in studying the subject.  Only the most highly self-motivated students did well, and although they were the most enjoyable to work with, they were also rare.  All of the students that I've tutored through BrainTrust, on the other hand, have always been bright and highly motivated.  I never have to drag questions out of them; they bring their questions to me, so that they can understand not only the homework that they're currently working on, but also old homework or tests that they felt they didn't quite understand.  If you're looking for a rewarding experience in sharing your knowledge, I would strongly recommend working with BrainTrust."

Northwestern University, B.A., Physics, Mathematics and Integrated Sciences;
University of Wisconsin-Madison, M.A., Physics;
University of California-Berkeley, Ph.D., Physics

"I have had the opportunity to work with BrainTrust since fall of 2011, focusing primarily on SAT and ACT preparation as well as some middle and high school math.  Working as a tutor has allowed me to walk with numerous families across Wake County as they strive to accomplish the goals that will ultimately enable them to pursue their dreams.  It is an unmerited privilege to come alongside a student and help tackle weaknesses while developing strengths, to discover a vision and aid in its pursuit, to witness the growth that's possible with the right bit of guidance and encouragement.  That's what BrainTrust tutors get to do."

Appalachian State University, B.S. B.A., Management & Marketing;
Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, M.Div., Christian Ministry

"What I enjoy most about tutoring with BrainTrust is the team-effort approach the organization takes to helping students succeed.  By combining the support of students, parents, and BrainTrust staff, tutors have ample resources to maximize the student learning experience.  BrainTrust identifies student level, learning style, and goals before matching students with their tutors.  This strategy creates strong chemistry between tutors and their students and families, improving the learning experience of everyone involved."

University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill, B.A., Spanish/History

"I have tutored for BrainTrust for several years and have invariably met with students who give effort and intelligence in their studies.  Because of the clear desire by students to learn,  I know that my meetings with students will be focused and productive.  The staff is very professional and friendly."

Arizona State University, B.A., History; University of Chicago, M.A., Social Sciences; University of Wales, M.A., Latin; Duke University, Ph.D., German Studies

"If there's one thing BrainTrust does really well, it's the appreciation and special touches that make the business feel more personal."

University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill, B.A., Communication Studies.

"BrainTrust is a great company to work for.  Management is extremely flexible with your schedule, especially one as busy as an engineering student's.  They also do an excellent job matching tutors and clients to ensure personalities mesh well.  I have no problem recommending working for BrainTrust over other tutoring companies."

University of South Carolina Honors College, B.A., Philosophy and Classics;
North Carolina State University, B.S. Electrical Engineering

"Working for BrainTrust is a great supplement to my teacher salary.  I enjoy the flexibility to take on students when I have extra time.  I appreciate the support from other tutors and the staff in reassigning students when my schedule becomes hectic.  I love the pressure-free environment that the BrainTrust family offers!"

East Carolina University, B.A., Hispanic Studies

"I have enjoyed getting to meet students as part of my tutoring with BrainTrust. I like the chance to see the curriculum used at the various schools and to help motivated students do their best in Physics. I have found there is no such thing as a typical student and each student has been wonderful to work with. I also like that I don't need to worry about the money or screening of the clients. I show up. I do what I do best. And I go home knowing I've helped someone out."

Mount Holyoke College, B.A., Physics; University of California-Santa Cruz, M.S., Astronomy and Astrophysics; University of California-Berkeley, Ph.D., Astrophysics

"I am pleased to be a part of BrainTrust. I have experienced only professional, timely, and warm communications from both BT staff and families. Management sends out pay checks on time and provides clear guidelines and materials for classes. Staff follows up well. This speaks well of the way management runs the business, and creates a culture of professionalism."

George Mason University, B.A., English Literature

BrainTrust encourages new tutor applicants to accept the dynamic opportunity to be part of a very successful educational program.  We look forward to seeing if your own personal and individual skills, background and approach can be adapted to positively impact the dreams, goals and futures of our clients.