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In March of 2006, North Carolina Governor Michael Easley proclaimed a Home Education Week, in recognition of the over 59,000 children now being home schooled in the state. In Wake County alone, the number of home schooled students has almost doubled in the past four years, from 3,131 in 2001 to 5,801 in 2005.

There is a growing recognition around the country among the best colleges and universities, including Yale and Harvard, that properly prepared homeschooled students can excel in freshman classes. Moreover, they are growing as a percentage of those students admitted into even the most highly competitive schools.

Supplemental Education

" (Tutor) is an exceptionally gifted person when it comes to teaching. I firmly believe that it is one thing to possess knowledge, but it is a true gift to the person who knows how to translate that knowledge into ways that can be shared with others. I thank you for facilitating such a positive learning experience. I also thank (tutor) for his willingness to help this "older student", for his endless patience, and his consistent encouragement "
Adult Math Student

We can supplement any areas of education you require, from math to reading to sports instruction. Would you like an SAT tutor who already has scored in the top 10 percentile of all SAT test takers? If so, you are in the right place. Our SAT tutors have scored at or above this level, and know precisely what type of information and foundation you need in every subject, whether it be math, verbal, help with essay skills, or reviewing dozens of past questions and tests. BrainTrust SAT tutors have excelled, they will help you to excel, and are here to help your home schooled student gain admission to the university of your choice.

" Thank you very much for the hand-outs/worksheets. Your tutoring efforts have made a huge difference in (student's) learning outcomes! "
Raleigh German I

Parental Difference

You make the difference, and we can help. We know how difficult it is in this day and age to shield your children from the almost relentless negative influences of much modern culture and mass media. We can provide the supplemental training and confidence your homeschooled child needs in any subject.

Children often look to their parents when forming habits. This means that in order for your students to have a positive attitude toward learning, you must set an optimistic example. There are a variety of ways that you can promote learning through your habits. For example, you can start reading more in front of your children, or you could start reading a book with your children. Other ways to show that you enjoy learning include: enrolling in a community college course, watching educational shows on the History Channel, the Science Channel, PBS or the Discovery Channel, taking family outings to museums, and exploring the Internet together. By making a demonstrative effort to continue your learning, you can help develop important educational habits while communicating a more personal and critical message: one never stops learning.

Parental Expectations

Our tutors stress a consistent philosophy among homeschoolers: aim high and many children will excel. Children are naturals at achievement and learning. We set high expectations for our tutors, who in turn will set high, but of course realistic, homeschool curriculum expectations for your child. Only by raising standards above a "minimum" bar can we achieve the best possible result together.

Language Arts/Grammar

We tutor and teach all critical grammar skills. Much like basic math concepts, there are certain building blocks which must properly be understood on the way to mastery of the English language.

Our tutors, many of whom are certified teachers here in North Carolina, can cover the entire range of English skills, be it prepositions and their use, tenses, subject/verb agreement, nouns, adjectives, direct objects, adverbs or punctuation concepts. From first graders through high school, our tutors can significantly improve your homeschooled child's English and math skills.

Our teachers will increase your student's achievement in language arts, whether the concerns deal with vocabulary, persuasive language, story events, main ideas of passages, or drawing conclusions concerning events and characters.

Math Tests/Exams Preparation

Many parents have trouble teaching math skills to their own children. While most know perfectly well how to arrive at the "correct" answer, they struggle to convey the proper steps leading to the actual result.

Our tutors specialize in mathematical reason, numbers, operations, modeling, measurements and probabilities. Whether it be North Carolina EOG tests, Iowa Basic Skills Training, or SAT II Subject Exams, we have someone who will specially tailor a homeschool curriculum to meet your child's educational objectives.

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