BrainTrust in home tutoring

Computer Skills Training / Internet Skills

In a computerized world, quick and easy access to projects and communicative skills on the web are critical. This is now a time management skill necessary to compete with those around the globe.

Typing / Keyboarding

For Grades 2–5 and Grades 6–12.

Experienced and accomplished typists can come to your home and teach your student the fundamentally correct way to learn finger to key placement. Only in this manner can they quickly progress toward typing without peering at the keys.

At BrainTrust, we make this type of class fun. There will be typing games to help expedite your student's successful goal of accurate and speedy typing.

Computer skills training

Whether your quest for learning new skills involving searching the Internet, cutting and pasting, multiple windows, copying images, making images, recording music or images, formatting documents/cards, or sending emails and pictures, we can help you.

The Internet can be very useful but you can't find everything there! Everyone thinks they know how to search the Internet, so why is it sometimes so difficult to find the right information?

Time Management

" She [the tutor] was wonderful. She was very clear in her expectations, gave a manageable and appropriate amount of work for the week, and gauged their interests well to keep it interesting for them. "
Durham Keyboarding Students

Remember, when used poorly, the Internet is an incredible time waster. Why? Because many people make some common mistakes:

  • They use the wrong search tool for the job.
  • They do not plan a good search strategy.
  • They do not choose the best keywords to search on.

BrainTrust Tutors will improve your search/browser skills and provide a strategy to successfully search on the Internet:

  • How to quickly find appropriate keywords.
  • How to link keywords together to form a "search phrase."
  • How to keep track of searches you carry out.
  • How to revise your search strategy until you find the information you want.
  • How to find topics.
  • Which "network" should you use?
  • How to combine multiple words "operators."
  • How and when to experiment with words.
  • Bookmarking and monitoring favorite sites.

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