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Homework Tutors — Overview

For all grade levels, our homework help sessions focus on current and individualized North Carolina school curriculums. We consider all course work, notes, and textbooks in preparing students for assignments and test preparation. We discuss, at each tutorial session, actual homework assignments, encouraging questions in a quiet, comfortable atmosphere.

BrainTrust Tutors will speak with the appropriate teachers, with parental approval, to best determine concepts and skills students are presently learning. Additionally, they will focus upon the standards for your child's grade, focusing upon areas where he or she might be struggling, and develop both short and long range educational plans for success after the first session's diagnostic test.


One of the great features of BrainTrust's individualized, in home instruction is the lack of peer pressure. "Math anxiety" is a common feeling among students at every level. Unfortunately, math is cumulative, and students fall behind when they do not understand fundamental concepts. Even bright children may be reluctant to raise their hand in class, and can become embarrassed when they do not understand a skill some of their peers seem to have mastered. Once problem concepts are identified, reviewed and mastered, students can make remarkable leaps in mathematics comprehension.


" My kids love (tutor). They really want to please her. They are getting a lot out of her sessions. I would like to continue with the tutoring. "
Raleigh Twins Studying Language Arts

Students often find writing much more difficult and intimidating than it needs to be. BrainTrust Tutors help your student truly understand the following steps:

  1. Choose a subject matter;
  2. Find source materials;
  3. Gather notes;
  4. Outline the paper;
  5. Write the first draft;
  6. Edit the final draft.
As most good writing is centered in good content, we help students find a topic and/or research statement that interests them, limit sources to relevant material, and focus on varied sentence structure and style (e.g., creative vs. research vs. argumentative).

Study Skills

BrainTrust can show your child how to achieve success by improving his skills in time management, note taking, reading, memorization, presentations and exam study. Good study skills are premised on the ability of a child to

  1. Listen;
  2. Identify key concepts;
  3. Summarize major findings; and
  4. Write in a cogent fashion.
Students cannot master all of these excellent study skills at once. We start with a diagnostic review of study skill core competencies. After our review of this diagnostic test, we can best prepare your student to confront the listening, reading and writing skills they need to excel in both homework assignments and tests.


" I'm seeing a difference in (student) already - he has a smile on his face and a bounce in his step - after working 1 1/2 hours with (tutor)! That's a miracle. Best yet, (student) is expressing - yes, using real words!- that being organized is making school easier and he is getting more work done faster. We haven't had any grades yet, but I expect they will be better than before. "
North Raleigh Civics

Many 21st century schools, both public and private, provide limited foundation in the one critical common denominator found among good readers: phonics comprehension. Reading does not need to be an activity which must be endured — BrainTrust Tutors will make it fun! Mastery of phonics and skimming techniques are crucial to your child's future success. Parental input is also critical in terms of reinforcing the incredible power of books.


Keyboarding and typing programs are offered for Grades 2–5 and Grades 6–12. In a "computerized" world, quick and easy access to projects and communicative skills on the web are critical. Experienced and accomplished typists can come to your home and teach your student the fundamentally correct way to learn finger to key placement. We strive to make our keyboarding exercises fun for students, often by incorporating typing games in a manner which will expedite accuracy and speed.


At BrainTrust Tutors, we have found the scientific method can be taught to even the very young. The sooner your student becomes acquainted with the scientific method, the better he will be equipped to master the different fields of science (e.g., chemistry, physics and biology). Our students find science instruction less daunting that many children who lack the confidence instilled through one-on-one learning sessions. Characterizations, hypotheses, predictions and experiments are covered in our customized science homework programs.

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