BrainTrust in-home tutoring

BrainTrust In-Home Tutoring

Why BrainTrust?

Crowded classrooms don't permit the individual attention many students require, and parents are finding that their children are not sufficiently prepared for college nor for the entrance examinations necessary for admission. Taught without the pressure of peers or authorities, many students learn through tutoring what they don't absorb in a classroom. Our tutors customize what they teach to the level and needs of each of their students.

Our tutors offer students individual attention — something in short supply in crowded classrooms. Tutors can customize what they teach to the level and needs of each student, allowing students to learn at their own pace.

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"(Tutor) just left and (student) and I absolutely LOVED her!! She helped her so much and taught her strategies for taking the test and explained things so that she could actually understand them. Thank you so much for finding her."
Cary ACT Prep Student

The Raleigh Triangle is now growing at the rate of approximately 10-12 percent per year, according to statistics published by the Wake County government site. College tuition is skyrocketing nationwide. Many North Carolina children who even five years ago were being easily accepted into the first tier of major universities like Duke, North Carolina-Chapel Hill, North Carolina State, Wake Forest and Davidson now find themselves unable to compete with many out-of-state students who have spent ten years preparing for the standardized college admission testing process.

" (Student's) writing lessons go well. (Tutor) is very nice and patient. Thank you for letting (tutor) be the tutor. "
5th Grade AG Writing

BrainTrust vs. Learning Centers

We meet with students in their own homes, at their convenience. We do not require long-term commitments, and are convinced that sound fundamentals taught in a comfortable environment, with the same tutor, makes all the difference in the ultimate student improvement.

Our tutoring is aligned and integrated with the student's current North Carolina curriculum. Improvement takes time and practice. We make sure students associate tutoring with an opportunity to better themselves or as an investment in their futures.

Better Grades lead to Better Schools and Brighter Futures

Study Skills: We help students adopt both organizational and effective study skills to lead to success. Our tutors will design a custom program using the student's school curriculum; we have no pre-determined program that may not relate to the current class work.

Good communication skills are essential in order to listen to and interpret students' needs and to impart directions and information in simple, clear and concise language. Students may not know how to ask a question in a way to get the information they want. Our tutors listen carefully to their questions and take time to give thoughtful answers, so students do not become frustrated.

" (Tutor) was great . . . (Student) said (tutor) helped her a lot. We are going to use her once a week for 1.5 hrs/week . . . We are very pleased with (tutor 1) and (tutor 2) . . . you all have some bright young ladies ! "
Spanish II and SAT Prep

Why one-on-one tutoring works

We use the same tutor with each session with the student. As the student works with them and gets to trust them, a bond of trust develops, which is perhaps the most important ingredient to meaningful learning. We provide customers individualized, one-on-one instruction in the comfort and security of their own homes. Most of our tutors are experienced professional teachers.

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