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Effective Study Skills Training

Our tutors take pride explaining material in a variety of styles, and presenting topics and information in an individualized fashion. Students are reluctant to ask critical questions — though this is the first and fastest step to better comprehension and, of course, better grades.

Class Note Taking

We do not assume students are taking notes properly, as this often proves a major factor in their comprehension problems. The truth is many students are unsure as to how to emphasize topics introduced in classroom settings. We show them how to create and master personal systems of note organization to their best advantage.

Homework Assignments

" I just wanted to report that the early results are in on (tutor) - And it's good news! (Student) likes him and already feels more organized and ready for school after only two meetings. "
North Raleigh Study Skills

Experience suggests student's study skills problems are often related to poorly drafted assignment directions. We show, by way of one-on-one instruction, how to approach and comprehend large assignments, by breaking them into logical, creative and understandable steps.

Positive Reinforcement

Our tutors know that long-term and comprehensive educational improvement stems from sessions which any student would find interesting and fun. BrainTrust Tutors let their students know they enjoy the sessions themselves, and are proud of any and all real effort put forth. This positive reinforcement leads to greater self confidence, increased classroom involvement, and ultimately higher test scores.


" Things are going very well. (Tutor) is a wonder. She managed to keep (student) interested in reading and writing all through the summer, and now she is again working with (tutor) on reading comprehension and the writing portion of the 4th grade EOG. We are thrilled with his progress. "
4th Grade Language Arts

At BrainTrust, we take a much different approach than many other tutoring companies. We have been through graduate school and taught many graduate students, and the results are the same. We cannot focus upon pure memorization skills. The best students truly understand their subjects, so we try to move students away from simply rereading lecture notes and highlighting book passages.

Our tutors show students how to jot down probable test questions, and methods for writing in margins using their own personal styles. We can then teach them how to translate and paraphrase these notes into review sheets, leading to much improved subject comprehension.

Confidence comes from preparing properly for an exam in the weeks prior, not in the early hours of exam day. There are test taking skills many students have never learned — and this holds true for all age groups. Our tutors provide students with specific exam-taking directions: how to answer questions they know, and how to derive maximum credit for essays.

" (Tutor) was the perfect fit for (student). They got along very well. She was always on time and showed a lot of patience with (student). It made a big difference for us having her here to help. "
Raleigh Study Skills

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