BrainTrust in home tutoring

BrainTrust Philosophy of Learning

Why in your home?
Experience, comfort and trust between tutor and student are the prerequisites for an excellent learning environment. Our professionals will take time to get to know your student, their own skills and styles, and what they hope to get out these sessions. Having uninterrupted learning time means more can be accomplished.

We do what we can to ease every student of peer pressure and fear of wrong answers. We do what we can to make sure he or she is not confused or afraid to ask.
We will identify your student's current and specific North Carolina school assignments, projects and upcoming tests. Does he or she have difficulty with certain fundamentals, need to increase a grade level, improve study skills or learn to finish homework on time?
Our tutors will be consistent, courteous and prompt, and rest assured they will expect the same of their students.
Building independence:
Our tutors will not impose their own approach to problems upon students and will always avoid just doing the work for the student. The tutor's role is not merely to give out answers, but train and guide the student to reach correct answers in his or her own way, and with permanent understanding of the fundamentals involved.

We never accept giving up. We try to be positive and flexible in encouraging further thought and working through frustrating concepts.
Homework and directions:
It is often the directions for assignments which cause problems, not the assignments themselves. We ensure careful focus upon the exact lesson itself, and then break multiple step assignments into smaller pieces to ease comprehension.
Personal styles:
We review not only the end product, but the individual steps your student took to solve the problem. In that way, we tailor our approach individually.

Our tutors are not there to show off their own skills, but to improve your student's. We try to allow most conversations to focus on them. Basic needs must come first, while finishing an assignment or project is secondary.
" (Tutor) is extremely patient and understanding with (student). I feel like she is giving him great confidence as well as some tangible strategies to use at school. "
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Joint proofreading and review:
Our tutors normally correct homework jointly with your student. We emphasize proofreading and review of work, especially test papers, before turning them in.
Positive reinforcement:
Our tutors will let the student know, in any way they can, that they enjoy the tutoring sessions and are proud of any and all efforts. Positive reinforcement will improve the student's confidence in his or her abilities.

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