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BrainTrust Steps to Better Writing:

" I am very happy with (tutor)-(student)'s writing and vocabulary has improved significantly and her grade improved! . . . Anyway, (tutor) seems to have a good handle on (student)'s situation. "
Cary Elementary Student
  • We let each student know we are all constantly learning and willing to share ideas and perspectives.
  • We take away the pressure of grades or criticism.
  • We work to help each writer find an interesting subject.
  • We help our students develop their own personal ideas.
  • We believe positive feedback is important to foster a permanent enjoyment of writing.
  • We proceed from the general to the specific.
  • We deal with mechanical issues, such as grammar, syntax and punctuation last.
  • We reduce the focus from grades to the assignment, its execution and careful review.

Term Papers

Writing assignments and the issues they may present vary dramatically from student to student. First we ask: does the paper effectively fit the assignment? Only then does it become important to deal with content, ideas, and their unification.

Some writers arrive with a very rough draft, while others seek help at the inception stage. Some have put together some excellent research, but are unsure how to organize it properly. Others find difficulty at the idea development stage, searching for topics of thesis statements. No matter the problem, our writing skills instruction can help these writers develop their own ideas and move forward to the next stage in the writing process.

Often, while helping the writer narrow down a broader subject, we might ask "What interests you most about this topic?" or "What kind of research has been done in this area?" The best writing, especially from younger students, focuses upon topics they are already interested in.

Every writer is different, so we may suggest they try several approaches and think about which is most helpful. This is why our one-on-one approach to writing skills tutoring, in the non-threatening atmosphere of your own home, is so effective.


Students will be taught how to include colorful details, as well as how to describe and observe general appearances, behaviour and characteristics of events and people others may not have seen.

Our tutors are well versed in teaching the basics of introductions, complications, rising developments, climaxes and conclusions.


Our tutors have years of experience editing various types of presentations and papers. They can teach you to easily and quickly check for errors in spelling, capitalization, punctuation, grammar, sentence structure, subject/verb agreement, consistent verb tense, and word usage.

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