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Creative Writing Skills

At BrainTrust, we let each student know we are all constantly learning and willing to share ideas and perspectives. Our approach is based upon decades of experience teaching and writing:

  • We are far more than mere editors.
  • We work with your student to permanently improve fundamental creative writing skills.
  • We practice positive feedback.

We believe in-home sessions — away from the pressure of grades, criticism and peer pressure — allow the budding writer to develop to his or her full potential.

We begin by evaluating and working to improve the basic structure and effectiveness of the writing. There is little benefit in critiquing mechanical issues when the overall writing style is uninteresting, unfocused or unclear. Only later do we deal with grammar, syntax and punctuation.

" Net, net, I am very pleased with BrainTrust and have recently referred one of my partners to your organization. "
Cary Elementary Writing

We can help improve creative writing skills whether the problem is picking an interesting topic or trouble organizing paragraphs. We will work with your writer to develop his or her own ideas and interest areas. With our help, each student, according to his or her own learning style, can achieve an excellent result.

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