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Many students find the task of writing a term paper much more difficult and intimidating than it needs to be. Your child can master all the important steps:

  1. Choosing a subject
  2. Finding sources of materials
  3. Gathering the notes
  4. Outlining the paper
  5. Writing the first draft
  6. Editing the paper

Choosing a subject
Good questions usually lead to good term papers. For that reason, we try to help students find a topic that interests them, focusing upon something they would actually like to know themselves.
Finding sources of materials
We will accelerate your child's ability to use resources such as card files, subject headings, books/magazines, newspapers, periodicals, Internet search engines, and more.
Gathering the notes
We look for facts, not merely opinions. One cannot, in a very good term paper, recite only those facts that support one's thesis, while ignoring other pertinent facts and conclusions. BrainTrust will help the student promote both sides of the issue.
Outlining the paper
We have one critical rule here. Take your time! We will help students review notes and subdivide into relevant subtopics. Only when this is done will we begin to write a first draft.
Writing the first draft
Our tutors know exactly how to communicate the essentials of an excellent outline:
  1. Tell the reader what you are going to say (statement of purpose)
  2. Say it (main body of the paper)
  3. Tell the reader what you've said (summary and conclusion)
Editing the paper
Here at BrainTrust, we will help the student be objective. Often, we ask them to read aloud the entire term paper, which helps ensure a proper "flow." Only at this point do we begin to check for proper spelling, phrasing and sentence construction. We teach your student to check for proper use and form on footnotes, quotes, and punctuation.

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