BrainTrust in home tutoring

Math Tutoring

"Math anxiety" can be found among students at almost all North Carolina grade levels. During our initial session, we will conduct a custom assessment to determine your child's strengths and areas of weakness. We then may address any fundamental misunderstandings and develop a truly personalized approach to any math problem areas.

We target the school curriculum, textbooks and relevant course work. During each session, we will discuss and review assigned homework. Questions are encouranged at each step of problem solving.

" We would like for (tutor) to continue studies with (student) for the SAT II subject tests and the SAT. She did pretty good on the SAT. She got a 670 in math (which was up from a 590 on her PSAT) and a 630 on her verbal. "
SAT Prep Student

We discourage self defeating talk. Once difficult math concepts are reinforced and mastered, many students make remarkable leaps. At the end of each math tutoring session, no matter the level of student, we allow time to discuss what was learned, and concentrate on the skills and activities which will require more practice.

By monitoring and improving your children's math achievement throughout their schooling years, you can help identify fundamental misconceptions or skill gaps as they develop. Only in this way are students well prepared to excel in future mathematical progressions, grounded in the logical steps necessary to excel as an adult.


" (Student) finished first semester with a high B in the AB Calc class. She was also accepted at Carolina (which has been her wish for a long time) so the SAT prep that she received was very helpful. . . . Thanks again for your help. "
SAT Prep & Calculus

One of the great advantages of BrainTrust's individualized, in-home math instruction is the lack of peer pressure. Many very bright students, at all levels, are reluctant to raise their hand in class, and are embarrassed when they do not understand a skill their peers seem to have mastered.

SAT Specialization

We specialize in SAT math preparation, whether your concern is trigonometry, geometry, algebra, accounting, calculus or elementary math. All of our SAT math tutors scored in the top 10 percentile on the math portion of their SAT, and know precisely how to best help you approach any problem areas.

With your BrainTrust Tutor's support, you and your child can approach the math portion of the SAT with confidence, knowing she is fully armed with the techniques, strategies and skills required to do well.

Elementary School Tutors

Basic Mathematics: In these sessions, our tutors will cover in depth review and promote long term understanding of whole numbers, fractions, decimals, percentages, statistics and graphs, measurements, linear equations with one variable, and word problems.

"(Tutor) was fantastic!!!"
Chapel Hill Calculus AB

Elementary Algebra: Included topics are real numbers, linear equations and inequalities, polynomial operations, rational expressions, factoring and special products.

Intermediate Algebra: These tutorial sessions help prepare students for the SAT Math Section, while providing a foundation for college Algebra. Here, the focus is upon systems of linear equations and inequalities, rational and irrational numbers, quadratic equations and inequalities, functions, relations and graphs, and complex numbers.

" (Tutor) was a very good fit for (student). She took him from a "F" in Algebra to a "B". "
Algebra, Cary

BrainTrust Principles

We follow simple, time honored principles:

  • Our students know we want them to do well.
  • We place emphasis on weak areas, at least until basic concepts are easily understood.
  • We do not assume the student knows fundamentals.
  • We instill a working knowledge first.
  • We provide positive feedback.
  • We encourage students to ask questions, helping to identify a speed and method most likely to match each student's learning style.
  • We strive to foster a mutual environment of trust and effort between tutor and student.

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