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Client Quotes

"I can not speak more highly of (tutor)! She was FANTASTIC! She always emailed (student) before a session to keep right up to date with (student)'s AP calculus class. She either had something prepared or reviewed (student)'s homework or focused on an upcoming test. (student)'s struggles ended within 2 weeks of having (tutor)'s support. Her grades improved to mostly A's and the semester grade a B. (student) was struggling so much that she was leaning towards a C for her college transcript. (tutor) changed that for sure! Thank you so much for your service."
Chapel Hill AP Calculus Student

"(student) had her first tutoring session with (tutor) on Sunday and was very happy. She says (tutor) is very good at explaining the problems and making sure (student) understands them. Thank you for your help!"
Cary Calculus BC Student


Calculus is a difficult subject. It is not unusual for typically, "A" students to struggle with the material. We are committed to use tutors who can present difficult concepts in a common-sense, understandable manner. BrainTrust tutors respect the disciplined hard work and initiative that students who are taking calculus have achieved to reach this level of mathematics.

The typical BrainTrust calculus student (e.g., Pre-calculus, Calculus AB and Calculus BC) is an honor student struggling to maintain a "B" or "C" in the course. It is imperative that these students not "give up" on calculus. Mastering a difficult math course not only prepares students for college-level science, engineering and mathematics studies, but demonstrates to the more selective colleges and universities that a student has the drive and academic skill to pursue the highest level of academic learning. Use your BrainTrust tutor to explore and explain these underlying concepts and embark on the gratifying study of an entirely new branch of mathematics


" We loved (tutor). She was super. . . . We will miss her when she goes back to Yale. Thank you. "
AP Calculus Student

Quite often, it is at this stage of math that even habitual "A" math students find concepts more difficult. Our foundational goal is to ensure students are well-grounded in the basic understanding of concepts, leaving them comfortable to do well in the higher level AB, BC and Advanced Placement courses. Again, students should take pride in having the proven skills to reach the Pre-Calculus level, and often must redouble their efforts, in terms of more complex concepts and practice problems, to reach their true potential.

The challenge is half the fun, and will often stretch a student's level of analysis and reasoning. This hard work often pays off, however, and research firmly establishes that successful students at this level often are "first choice" candidates for those future jobs requiring intensive critical reasoning, mathematical, decision-making, music composition and linguistic study skills.

Those ultimately graduating with degrees in science, engineering and mathematics necessarily are the same students most highly prized by future employers for entry into the most rewarding, competitive and highest paid jobs in the world.

" We cannot thank (tutor) enough. At the time (tutor) started working with (student), the statistics teacher thought (student) would never be able to pass the course. In the end, (student) made B's for the 3rd and 4th quarters, qualified for exemption from the final, and earned a 3 on the AP Statistics exam. "
AP Statistics, Raleigh

Calculus AB

As with all BrainTrust tutoring programs, the Calculus AB tutorials are based and customized around the student's current course curriculum. Often Calculus AB is offered as an Advanced Placement course in the high school curriculum. Typical content includes types of discontinuities, first and second derivatives, rules (e.g., power, addition, product, quotient, chain), line equations, maxima and minima problems, rates of motion, logarithmic functions and topics in differential calculus. At the first meeting with a BrainTrust representative, be prepared to show your current textbook, syllabus and results from recent homework assignments, quizzes and exams.

Calculus BC

Congratulations are certainly in order for the small percentage of high school and college students who have reached this level. Accordingly, the BrainTrust tutors assigned to students are almost exclusively "honors" students at UNC - Chapel Hill and NC State University. The majority are themselves pursuing either graduate or undergraduate academic degrees in mathematics, engineering or physics.

Typical Calculus BC content will include antiderivatives, definite integrals, logarithmic functions, vertical and horizontal slices, revolutions, integration by parts, trigonometric functions, parametric functions, differential equations and infinite series. Most Calculus BC students work with their BrainTrust tutor a minimum of once a week for a 1.5 hour session throughout the semester. Moreover, this often culminates in special tutoring and study for both Advanced Placement in colleges as well as preparation for the SAT Calculus Subject tests.

For more information about Calculus programs, call to speak with a representative at (919) 844-2022.