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Accelerated Learning

Whether you seek additional challenges for a gifted student, help teaching a home schooled child, support for students in advanced placement programs or preparation for standardized tests such as the GMAT or GRE, BrainTrust Tutoring accelerated learning programs can help provide the rich academic environment necessary to maintain the interest and promote the intellectual growth of high-performing students.

In Home Tutoring for Gifted Students

At BrainTrust, we can help set your child's academic advancement at their own individualized pace, the rate consistent with their own achievement levels. The usual limited "enrichment" or "stepout" programs offered in North Carolina are seldom an effective substitute for the lightning intellectual pace many of these children are easily capable of maintaining. [ Learn more about our programs for gifted students ]

" Both of my boys (4th and 5th grade) were accepted into the Duke TIP program. Thank you for your help these past two years. "
North Raleigh Elementary

Home Schooled

Over two million children across the U.S.A. are now being taught by their parents at home. There is a growing recognition around the country among the best colleges and universities, including Yale and Harvard, that properly prepared homeschooled students can excel in freshman classes. Regardless of the topic — be it SAT, writing, math, art or music — we have a specialized tutor to meet your child's needs. [ Learn more about our programs for homeschooled students ]

AP Classes

Despite the increasing importance of Advanced Placement testing, many parents are not aware their children can test out of both high school and college classwork. With our help and the classroom curriculum, your 8th grader or high school student can often complete their required class time in half the time as regular classroom students. Thanks to dual enrollment, it is not unusual for many high school graduates to have required college credits completed before they start college. [ Learn more about our Advanced Placement test tutoring ]


Pass the GRE on your first try. We will prepare you to maximize your verbal, analytical writing, and quantitative skills. Commencing with a diagnostic test to assess Verbal Ability, Analogies and Quantitative Ability, we will provide you all the background necessary to pass this test. [ Learn more about our GRE/GMAT tutoring ]

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