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Gifted Students

In today's world, there are many developmental avenues for those children who excel at athletics. We see no reason why intellectual potential in the highly gifted students should not likewise be championed and rewarded.

At BrainTrust, we can help your child advance at her own pace, consistent with her current achievement level. The usual limited "enrichment" or "stepout" programs offered in North Carolina are seldom an effective substitute for the vast intellectual progress and mastery of subjects, both quantitative and qualitative, such gifted children can easily maintain.

The Mathematically Gifted Child

In the real world today, gifted students are seldom challenged. As a result, the best students among us are languishing in the normal school environment, and find group "learning" of little value. This proves especially true of those gifted in math. They often are desperate for truly difficult problems and answers.

Motivation Enhancement

Gifted students who are not given learning experiences early in their educational careers commensurate with their true capacity lose motivation and interest in the normal school curriculum. Likewise, regular classroom teachers often become frustrated when high ability students complete curriculum material faster than other students, and are left with "nothing constructive to do."

There is little doubt that the truly gifted students achieve mastery faster and generally have more extensive concentration spans than many of their age group peers. At BrainTrust, we think that those capable or working at accelerated levels in various disciplines, and who enjoy challenge, should be given fewer, but more complex, tasks which may take a longer period of time.

The research is quite convincing. Whole class activities dominate the heterogeneous classroom some 84 percent of the time in classroom settings. Only 16 percent remains for the differentiated attention the truly gifted crave. (Archambault, Westberg, K. L., Brown, Hallmark, Zhang, & Emmons, 1993).

Gifted Tutors Only

At BrainTrust, we give gifted children far more input and control over the choice, pace and repetitions involved in the particular discipline involved. We select only those tutors who have been gifted students themselves.

BrainTrust provides highly qualified specialists for these exceptional, high ability learners. We also recognize that despite the precocious intellect, such gifted children still must be carefully nurtured emotionally. Understandably, many have little experience with any failure whatsoever, and initially have trouble dealing with it.

Inquiry-Based Programs

At BrainTrust, we use inquiry-based, discovery learning approaches that emphasize open ended problems with multiple solutions or multiple paths to solutions. We allow gifted students to design their own ways to find the answers to complex questions.

We believe parents will be surprised at how much material their gifted child can discover and assimilate when properly motivated in a comfortable, enjoyable one-on-one coalition with a well-qualified BrainTrust Tutor.

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