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Foreign Language Instruction

It's never too early to start learning a new language! Research shows children are most receptive to new languages before the age of ten. In a recent Time Magazine article, J. Madeleine Nash wrote:

There appears to be a series of windows for developing language. The window for acquiring syntax may close as early as five or six years of age, while the window for adding new words may never close. The ability to learn a second language is highest between birth and the age of six, then undergoes a steady and inexorable decline...

The Benefits of Language Tutoring

Children who have studied a foreign language in the elementary grades achieve higher scores on standardized testing, and actually are found to have a better understanding of their native language. In addition, children who study a foreign language show greater cognitive development than many of their peers.

BrainTrust foreign language tutors focus upon providing only positive feedback and selectively correct to achieve a relaxed learning environment.

Avoid Peer Pressure

" . . . he did make major improvement as he actually ended up with a B for the 4th quarter grade. . . . I wanted to thank you and your staff for your assistance. "
Chemistry, Spanish & Algebra II

Whether you're interested in French, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, or English as a Second Language (ESL) instruction, BrainTrust In Home Tutoring offers individualized attention and practice. Avoid the pressure often associated with foreign language instruction or ESL studies in a group setting. Our one on one language instruction sessions present a comfortable atmosphere for the less advanced students, enabling questions without peer group intimidation.

SAT II Language Tests

BrainTrust has Spanish tutors and French tutors who can help you master the SAT II language subject tests, providing in depth coverage of verb tenses, spelling difficulties, negation and declensions. We will provide sample questions and practice SAT II French or Spanish exams. [ Learn more about our SAT II Language test tutoring ]

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Your child can achieve mastery of both the written and spoken word. Contact BrainTrust In-Home Tutoring today for more information about our foreign language tutoring and ESL tutoring programs.