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SAT II Subject Tests: Languages

We have German, Hebrew, Latin, Chinese, Spanish and French tutors who can help you master the SAT II language tests, providing in-depth coverage of verb tenses, spelling difficulties, negation and declensions.  Our students study weekly with sample questions and practice SAT II exams.

German, Spanish and French tests are, according to the College Board, offered with or without listening tests, With the reading tests, you are asked to read a passage in the foreign language and are then presented with a series of multiple choice questions.  Chinese tests are only offered with listening tests.

The unprepared should be wary of taking these foreign language tests without knowing that the speakers normally speak like "natives." In other words, they speak very quickly, which ends up surprising many students.  The "listening" tests can prove difficult for those who have never lived abroad and heard the language spoken on a 24-hour basis.

Remember — the foreign language subject tests do not require one to either write or speak fluently in a language, but serve merely to evaluate basic reading skills and the understanding of spoken languages.  The College Board specifically indicates that language used on the test is "authentic." In other words, what finds its way into the exam is actually used by native speakers every day.

For that reason, some of our tutors are able to draw upon their own background living in foreign countries, to give you a head start on your competition.  We will pose a number of vocabulary and structure questions, so that you will feel confident on test day dealing with selections drawn from a variety of sources, including newspapers, historical works and fiction.

It is worth mentioning that the College Board suggests your background include three to four years of foreign language, or at least two years of intensive language study.

" The subjunctive clauses were tripping me up but now I understand the exceptions. "
Raleigh Latin Student

Our SAT II Language test tutors will offer a comprehensive review of the specific language, and point out through diagnostic testing obvious strengths and weaknesses, so that specific areas may be targeted for review with the goal being a very confident test taker on the day of the exam.

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