BrainTrust in home tutoring

The BrainTrust Difference For Middle School

  • We come to your home.
  • We require no long-term contracts.
  • All of our tutors are individually interviewed, locally recruited, and chosen for their special expertise and experience.
  • We evaluate, train and instruct at the student's own pace and in the student's own learning style.
  • We emphasize the student's North Carolina classroom curriculum.
  • Our affordable one-on-one tutoring programs will change your child's academic future.

We can improve your student's writing and test-taking skills

What is the fastest way to raise your grades? Quite simply, students need first to enhance their test taking skills. This is often as important, if not more important, that displaying a comprehensive knowledge of the underlying subject.

Our experience over the years suggests that those who excel at test-taking skills almost always outscore those who are intimate with the subject matter but less adept at taking tests. However, like any other discipline, test-taking skills can be improved given adequate fundamentals and practice.

We think some things are self-evident. If you can improve your writing, you will be able to improve your grades — no matter the class. There seems little doubt, and especially given the new SAT emphasis on writing, that those students who exhibit strong writing skills have a head start on those who do not. The fact is, many times those who maintain terrific understanding of the course work have difficulty attaining A's if they cannot convey, through their writing, their knowledge in a crisp, coherent fashion.

We try to listen to and discuss the paper as a whole before working with individual parts of the paper. Talking about what the whole paper says reaffirms that writing can be a valuable and effective form of communication. We start by giving detailed impressions and reactions, so that the writer can hear what listeners or readers may understand from what he or she has written. Discussing papers as a whole is helpful for longer papers, or ones we do not have time to read through entirely with the writer. After addressing the writer's main concerns, or once the writer has asked for an opinion on what to work on next, it's time to prioritize areas that would benefit from attention.

Convenience / No Long-Term Commitments

We meet with students in their own homes, at their convenience. We do not require long term commitments, and are convinced that sound fundamentals taught in an environment of mutual trust and respect, emphasizing individual learning styles, makes all the difference in the ultimate degree of student improvement.

We Mirror the North Carolina Curriculum

We use the student's own North Carolina school curriculum, which allows our tutors to work on the concept that the student is currently struggling with or would like to get ahead in. Our normal school tutoring services are closely aligned with and intentionally integrated into the school's requirements and expectations. Improvement takes careful attention, time and practice.

Study Skills >> Better Grades >> Better Schools >> Brighter Futures

Our Study Skills programs are designed to help students adopt both the organizational and time-management skills leading inevitably to success. BrainTrust Tutors know how important listening is. They are not there merely to impart their knowledge in Svengali fashion.

Our Tutors know how to impart directions and convey information in clear, concise language. We avoid scenes of frustration at all costs. Our tutors listen carefully to their questions and take time to give thoughtful answers.

Why one-on-one tutoring works

We use the same tutor for each session. Students gradually learn to trust them, as their subject comprehension increases and they become more confident. A mutual bond of trust develops. As a result, tutoring and learning styles interact more profitably, and many soon show marked educational improvement.

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