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Science Tutoring

We can make science fun, whether your special need is physics, chemistry, biology, or lab tests. The sooner your child becomes acquainted with the scientific method, the easier all science work will be for them in the future.

The Scientific Method

These four guidelines are the foundation for all science lab reports. While details may differ, they are:

  • Characterizations: quantifications, observations and measurements
  • Hypotheses: theoretical, hypothetical explanations of observations and measurements
  • Predictions: reasoning, including logical deduction from hypotheses and theories
  • Experiments: tests of all of the above

Writing the science report

" I just wanted to give you an update on the sessions that (student) has had already. (Tutor) is doing a great job and I think (student) is headed in the right direction. She has been able to show him things to simplify the process. Thank you for your help "
High School Biology

Our science tutoring goal is to make these reports easy for your student, so he or she will actually look forward to creating and completing them. In our sessions, students will learn to:

  • Define the question
  • Gather information and resources
  • Form hypothesis
  • Plan experiment
  • Do the experiment and collect data
  • Analyze data
  • Communicate the results in interesting, creative ways

Lab reports

Our science tutors know how to prepare excellent Lab Reports. They will, in the comfort of your home, devise tailored strategies to complete the necessary steps to a fine grade. We want your child to look forward to creating and completing them.

Additionally, we can provide help with the design of the experiment itself, whether it be the controlled variables, data to be collected, charts or potential safety concerns. As importantly, we help students put together a discussion of the science project, including cogent results pages, as well as helping them cite approved scientific periodicals and references.

" Hey! You did a great job setting me up with (tutor). She's been really helpful! She's patient and encouraging and definitely knows her chemistry! Thanks a lot "
Chemistry II College Student

Children love to test and experiment; they normally lack only structure and method. Contact BrainTrust In-Home Tutoring today for science help to channel and direct your child's natural curiosity into academic success.