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Interesting research and facts about gifted students

  • An Agenda for Action: Recommendations for School Mathematics of the 1980s (NCTM, 1989, p. 18) says, "The student most neglected, in terms of realizing full potential, is the gifted student of mathematics."

  • Research has shown that 84% of time in heterogeneous classroom settings is spent on whole class activities, with no attention to differentiating activity and programs for the gifted (Archambault, Westberg, K. L., Brown, Hallmark, Zhang, & Emmons, 1993).

  • A nonthreatening atmosphere is important for all students, including high ability learners. Gifted students are often perfectionists, and they may place great significance on getting the right answers or completing tasks quickly.

  • Gifted students may also resist when they are asked to show their work or explain their thinking processes. If they are accustomed to finishing tasks quickly, some students resist what they see as unnecessary work that slows them down.

  • Most gifted students enjoy reading and glean much information from the written word. BrainTrust tutors often deepen or expand the gifted student's opportunity to learn about course content by suggesting supplemental readings.

  • Research has shown that one of the most important things for gifted children is to be with other gifted children, the more often the better. All BrainTrust gifted tutors were themselves gifted students.

  • The gifted and talented student has unique needs and strengths and, therefore, requires an education appropriate to his or her needs. While there There is no single program which will meet the needs of all gifted students, BrainTrust In-Home Tutoring for gifted children will provide challenging, individualized instruction for each and every student.

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