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High School Tutors: Core-AP

The Advanced Placement test is one way to earn college credit by examination. These tests are given by the College Entrance Examination Board (CEEB) in May of the junior or senior year, in high schools offering advanced placement courses.

BrainTrust Tutors provides educational support to students enrolled in public, private, charter and parochial schools across the Raleigh Triangle. Whether you seek a tutor to help a struggling student pass a core course or a tutor to coach a student for academic competition, we will meet with you to design tutoring sessions to meet your family's goals. For years, we have assisted accomplished athletes, musicians, artists, writers and budding scientists advance in their high school classes. Our high-character tutors are passionate about helping teenagers develop communication and critical thinking skills needed for success.

APs have largely replaced SAT IIs as guides for advanced placement. Thus the SAT IIs have become important PRE-admission, and APs can be important for POST-admission.

At BrainTrust, we think gifted students who perform strongly in specific subjects at early ages should prepare for the AP tests as early as their sophomore year. North Carolina schools and the College Board now offer more than 30 AP exams, and all tests are taken across the country on the same day. The tests themselves vary from two to three hours, and include both multiple choice and free-response questions.

BrainTrust tutors, former AP scholars themselves, will help you gain a head start on fellow high school students by earning Advanced Placement (AP) credits while you are still in a North Carolina high school.

Doing well on these tests takes a great deal of rigorous preparation. For example, a student who wants to prepare and study for the AP test in calculus will need to understand and analyze:

  • Numerical approximations
  • Application of integrals
  • Derivatives as a function
  • Fundamental Theorem of Calculus
  • Analysis of Graphs
  • Asymptotes
  • Application and computation of derivatives
  • Limits of Functions
  • Derivatives at a point
  • Second derivatives

Currently, more than 1,300 colleges and universities will accept such advanced placement credits.

Parents save money by not having to pay for each of these already-earned credits once their child enrolls in college. Most AP courses are the equivalent of college level classes, so preparing and passing specific subject tests also helps to introduce students to college curriculum.

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