BrainTrust in home tutoring

Arts & Music Instruction

At BrainTrust, we know well-rounded students are both happier and better adjusted than students who only focus on academics. Let our tutors help your child build the self-confidence that comes from participation in music and arts programs. BrainTrust is able to tailor these programs to small group sessions as well, creating a perfect opportunity for several children to bond during the summer months as they learn, practice and explore... music, sculpture or painting.


BrainTrust offers in home, experienced music instruction in piano, guitar and numerous other instruments. Learn from those who have years of both instructional and performance backgrounds which they can share with their students.

Learning to play a musical instrument develops concentration, coordination, communication and math skills. BrainTrust Tutors can help your child learn to play the piano, guitar, violin, harp and clarinet. Beginner music lessons as well as advanced sessions are available.

Reading sheet music, learning about composers, melody, chords and performing basic rhythms to a steady beat are fundamentals best explored in a one-on-one setting. BrainTrust tutors are professional musicians, performing artists and working teachers in our Triangle area schools.

All levels and all styles of music can become part of a specially tailored program for your students, usually in 45-minute customized sessions.


Children and adults gain satisfaction from expressing their creativity in a finished work of art. Sculpture, painting, pottery, carpentry and crafts offer new mediums for your child to discover, working with an artist, in a one-on-one setting, in the comfort of your home. In Braintrust art lessons, you or your child can learn the fundamentals of drawing, applied technique and the use of color through experimentation.

Art supplies and materials will be provided in sessions designed for all age groups — toddlers and up!

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