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Reading Skills

Most of our reading skills tutors are teachers themselves, and have dealt with a variety of different student needs. They know full well how important it is to match reading sessions to the age of the students involved. After reviewing a diagnostic test at the first session, our tutors then plan short term and long term goals for your child. Typically, the tutor will plan a variety of age appropriate activities within each one hour session, geared specifically to your child's learning style and reading development.

Reading sessions, where peer pressure of the classroom environment is eliminated, often include the rereading of stories, paired reading, vocabulary, phonics and comprehension exercises, and a short writing activity. Feedback for the hour is given, as well as an assignment to be completed by the next scheduled session.

Learning reading does not need to be an activity which must be endured — our reading skills tutors will make it fun!


Unfortunately, many schools in the 21st century, both public and private, do not provide adequate foundation in the one critical common denominator found among good readers: phonics comprehension. All children deserve great futures. Mastery of phonics and skimming techniques are crucial to your child's future success.

" I love that fact that he is reading American classics!!! "
5th Grade Reading

Parents' input and organization is critical. Find a way to spend five minutes reviewing your child's schoolwork and assignments. Set a reasonable time-frame for the homework, and then leave the area until each task should be completed. After a few weeks, you will have a more profound understanding relative to why your child is having problems. Examine your child's skill level — could she use some help? If so, BrainTrust is here to assist.

Traditional Approach

After decades of experimental and "progressive" reading programs, we realize sometimes the oldest approach — phonics — is the best. Children learn more about reading and writing when they have to think about the sound that a word would make and what that word would look like if it were written out. When children see that writing is another form of communication, just like talking, they usually want to explore it for themselves.

Accelerated Learners

While your student learns to recognize and use letters, we will create challenging lists of specific hard to decode words, which will help accelerate the child's ability to read. These word lists are sorted by knowledge and achievement level. Only when these reading skills have been sufficiently mastered do we move to writing.

Good reading leads to good writers: Clear writing is nothing more than clear thinking. Children will learn to look forward to and enjoy our exercises in reading, while developing confidence in both their skills and themselves. We will help them realize their full potential.

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