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Math Help

As a parent, please don't fall for the ever-popular "Well, girls just are not very good at math" excuse. While, as many parents know, U.S. students have not fared well in comparison to much of the international world, there is some hope. Recent studies indicate U.S. fourth graders are just above average, eighth graders are just below average, and twelfth graders are well below average. Our tutors know precisely what corrective actions need be taken toward this declining aptitude American students exhibit as they approach high school.

If your child does well in her other subjects, it is likely she could also excel in mathematics. The caveat: many have either not been taught or fail to comprehend basic fundamentals of each unique math discipline.

Like a new language, math has a fundamental language all its own. Master the basics of the underlying language, and subsequent practice makes the problem solving skills easy.

We use concrete examples, and never move forward until we know your child grasps all of the fundamentals of each concept. One step at a time. This often makes all the difference.

Parent Teacher Conferences

" You did such an excellent job last school term with our parent education program on test taking strategies for parents to help their child, I was wondering if you would be interested in coming back again this year to share with us? "
North Raleigh Parent Education

Always be prepared for any Parent Teacher Conferences. Never hesitate to be your child's advocate, and work with teachers to improve and identify strengths and weaknesses. Discuss goals with optimism and positive reinforcement.

Set aside a reading time, a minimum of 30 minutes a day, every day, with as few distractions as possible. As your child's reading improves, you will find he reads with less strain and more enjoyment. The indirect benefit: learn to expect enhanced test scores.

Foreign Language Tutoring

At BrainTrust, our philosophy is it's almost never too early to learn a new language. Experts propose that a child's developing brain is very different from the brain of an older child or adult. Get them started early, and they will be well on their way to success. We offer Beginner, Advanced, Accent Reduction, ESL, Spanish, German and French tutoring programs.

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