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Sports Lessons

When excellent students are not studying, many can be found outside on the tennis courts practicing their backhands and ground strokes, at the range working on their iron shots or at the pool simply playing with friends. Good sports instruction in the fundamentals is important so students learn appropriate muscle memory and build on strong physical fitness habits. All BrainTrust sports coaches are formerly competitive athletes themselves, who know the value and fun that outdoor activities provide.


It is very important when learning to swim that children learn the fundamentally correct method to move their arms and legs. As importantly, they need to learn how to breathe.

Whether your child is a beginner, on her first swim team or a competitive high school swimmer, we have certified teachers and former competition-winning swimmers to instruct all age groups.


Whether your child received their first ball and glove this year, or is an accomplished high school player, we have experts to help. Trouble learning to catch? We can help with the fundamentals in a way your child will look forward to and enjoy.

Having difficulty with the fundamentals of pitching? We have instructors available who have pitched at a variety of levels, including college, to take your child's current skills to the next level.


Unlike some other sports, there are few "quick fixes" in golf that lead to permanent improvement. We focus first on fundamentals: grip, posture, ball position and club-fitting. If beginners don't find this fun, they don't want to return — our sports instructors know this.

We will match a golf instructor to your child's current skill level. This tutor can teach your child not only fundamentals of golf, but the etiquette of golf and how to get the very most out of each practice session. The goal: keep the game fun! Improve upon your skills each and every session.

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