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College Students

" I just received my grades and wanted to share them with you. I received an A in Network Security and an A in Research Methods. Thank you again for all your help and understanding these past sixteen weeks. "
Cary Graduate Student

University students require a no-nonsense approach to course project completion and the development of communicative skills for the web, in writing and in oral presentation. BrainTrust tutors sharpen time management skills necessary for successful completion of college courses at NCSU, UNC-Chapel Hill, Duke, Meredith, Wake Tech, liberal arts colleges and international on-line class support.

For Undergraduates

Experienced and accomplished tutors can come to the library, your dorm study room or apartment and teach the underlying concepts in Chemistry, Statistics, Calculus, Languages and Writing. Without peer pressure, BT Tutors can help you work through web-assigns, research projects, lab reports and final exam preparation.

At BrainTrust, we ensure our college tutoring sessions are relaxed and encouraging. There will be tips for studying, note taking and organizational approaches to expedite your mastery of fundamental topics in the sciences, humanities and business administration.


Whether your quest for learning new skills involves searching the Internet, cutting and pasting, multiple windows, copying images, making images, recording music or images, formatting documents/cards, or sending emails and pictures, we can help you.

The Internet can be very useful but you can't find everything there! Everyone thinks they know how to search the Internet, so why is it sometimes so difficult to find the right information?

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